EM-385-1-1 Training

Contractors working at military bases must comply with the requirements of USACE EM-385-1-1.


Do not be fooled by people stating that their EM385-1-1 Corps of Engineers training is the only program approved by NAVFAC or others. 
The Federal Government does not approve contractor training programs.  The government only states that your employees must be educated in their safety standards.
Who Should Attend?
This 40 hour course is for contractors and government employees who complete work, enforce codes or work under the US Army Corps of Engineers Safety and  Health Manual EM 385-1-1.
What is Covered?
Course covers safety, procedures and requirements as set forth by the US Army Corps of Engineers Safety & Health Requirements Manual. 
Topics include:
Site-Specific Accident Prevention Plan (APP), Activity Hazard Analysis Forms and their development (AHA), Site Safety Health Officer's Qualifications & Responsibilities, Personnel training, Incident Response and  reporting procedures, Job site Auditing, and expectations of the FEAD/ROICC overseeing your project.
Upon completion, students receive a certificate of training.
Training is done at your location at a time that works for you. 
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