Welcome to M.R.S. OSHA Safety!

OSHA is responsible to develop and enforce safety regulations to protect workers.  Federal and state OSHA agencies (like Cal-OSHA) require employers to provide a safe workplace for their employees.   

Environmental health and safety regulations are complex and ever-changing.

Whether you have a full-time safety department, years of experience, just getting started or somewhere in-between, M.R.S. OSHA Safety is here to help.  

M.R.S. OSHA Safety provides professional multi-agency regulatory compliance for businesses, general industry, construction, and municipalities

Our safety specialists will come to your facility or jobsite and provide the highest level of workplace safety advice, safety training and safety solutions available. 

We provide custom support and strategies to solve your intricate safety needs.

Whether you need OSHA safety training, a safety audit, help in defending against an OSHA citation, a written safety manual/safety policy, assistance with a third-party audit or an onsite safety officer, our professional safety specialists are ready to support your needs.

M.R.S. has over 22 years assisting clients increase their bottom line by improving their safety record economically and efficiently.

Reduce costs without reducing safety.  It makes sense to delegate safety responsibilities to supplement your safety staff or to implement special projects by using a professional safety specialist.  Call us today at 800-200-0888 or contact us here.

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