Impalement Protection

Impalement: to fasten, stick, or fix upon a sharpened stake or the like; to pierce with a sharpened stake thrust up through the body, as for torture or punishment (

We are familiar with the requirement to protect workers from impalement from rebar, but what does OSHA and Cal-OSHA require for other exposed steel?

Cal-OSHA T8 CCR CSO§1712(a) Scope. This section applies to all work sites and locations where employees work around or over exposed, projecting, reinforcing steel or other similar projections.

While Federal OSHA’s steel impalement standard only covers rebar; the federal general duty clause that mandates employers to provide a safe workplace free from known hazards.
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But how to protect workers? 

Which cover offers the only protection?

J-Cat Safety Products has a solution. 

J-CapTM  will protect employees from other steel projections’ impalement hazards.

J-CapTM  has Cal-OSHA’s approval! Want to try a J-CapTM  on your project?

Kristin Messer, COO at J-CAT wants to send you a free J-CapTM

Kristin stated “When companies see that the impalement hazards they’ve been struggling with can be solved by using the J-CapTM, it’s a no brainer. Our mission is to eliminate impalement hazards from exposed steel and if we have to give a J-CapTM to every construction company to prove that they no longer have to worry about the risk of impalement, that’s just what we are going to do.”

You can get your free J-CapTM by emailing Kristin at [email protected]. Got questions?

Call her at 951-234-4261.

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