If you have worked in the construction industry for any amount of time, in any capacity, you may already be aware that falls are the number one cause of death in construction.

Sometimes hearing the same statistic over and over can make it seem less sobering, but let’s remember that in 2018, 320 people lost their lives to fatal falls in the construction industry. Participating in OSHA’s Safety Stand-Down is a great way to remind employers and workers the importance of staying vigilant and aware on the job, and help everyone get home safely at the end of the day.

What is it?

According to OSHA, A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event for employers to talk directly to employees about safety. Any workplace can hold a stand-down by taking a break to focus on “Fall Hazards” and reinforcing the importance of “Fall Prevention”. Employers of companies not exposed to fall hazards can also use this opportunity to have a conversation with employees about the other job hazards they face, protective methods, and the company’s safety policies and goals.


The 7th annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction is scheduled for September 14-18, 2020.

How Can I Participate?

Anyone interested in educating employees in fall hazards, or other job hazards, can participate. No matter the number of employees, or the industry you’re in, your participation is welcomed. It can be a quick toolbox talk with your employees, or you can even go over our ladder safety article here. You can hold your own event or you can attend one by checking the list of public events on OSHA’s website.

More questions? Check out OSHA’s list of frequently asked questions here, or send us an e-mail at


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