Could Your Company be on Cal/OSHA’s High Hazard List?

In addition to Enforcement, California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal-OSHA) has High Hazard Units, one in northern California and one in southern California.

The High Hazard Unit inspects employers with the highest incidence of preventable occupational injuries and illnesses and workers’ compensation losses. Employers may also be selected and targeted by utilizing data sources such as, but not limited to, workers’ compensation loss data, history of Cal/OSHA citations, and other data sources as provided in Labor Code section 6314.1.

Every year the High Hazard Unit develops a list of industry sectors that have experienced accidents involving restricted or lost workdays that is above the California average.  The annual High Hazard Industry List is based on “days away, restricted or transferred” (DART) rates for private-sector employers. Employers in high hazard industries may be subject to an inspection by the High Hazard Unit.

The 2021-2022 High Hazard Industry List provides the industries targeted for an inspection. You might be randomly selected for an inspection due to your industry; it doesn’t matter if your company had accidents or not. The following list shows the construction and manufacturing industries listed on the report:


23813 Framing contractors

23814 Masonry contractors

23816 Roofing contractors

23835 Finish carpentry contractors


3113 Sugar and confectionery product manufacturing

311412 Frozen specialty food manufacturing

31152 Ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing

3116 Animal slaughtering and processing

31182 Cookie, cracker, and pasta manufacturing

31193 Flavoring syrup and concentrate manufacturing

312111 Soft drink manufacturing

321 Wood product manufacturing

3251 Basic chemical manufacturing

32611 Plastics packaging materials and unlaminated film and sheet manufacturing

3273 Cement and concrete product manufacturing

331314 Secondary smelting and alloying of aluminum

3315 Foundries

332112 Nonferrous forging

332323 Ornamental and architectural metal work manufacturing

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