March – National Ladder Safety Month

March is National Ladder Safety Month according to the American Ladder Institute (ALI).  National Ladder Safety Month is dedicated to the promotion of ladder safety at home and work.

According to the World Health Organization, the United States leads all countries in ladder accidents.  In 2020:

There were 164,000 emergency room visits due to ladder incidents at home or work.

300 deaths while using ladders with most deaths caused by falls from 10 feet or less.

The main causes of ladder accidents:

  • Falls
  • Using ladders improperly
  • Using faulty/defective ladders
  • Carelessness

The top three OSHA ladder citations are:

  • Lack of worker training
  • Improper use of the top cap of step ladders
  • Not having a portable ladder extend 3 feet above landing.

This is the 6th year that the American Ladder Institute has promoted Ladder Safety in March.  This year the promotion schedule focuses on 4 key topics. 

Week OneChoosing Your Ladder

Week Two: Safety Before the First Step (Inspection and Set-Up)

Week Three: Safety While Climbing

Week Four: Safety at the Top
Go to to participate and support National Safety Month.

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